MMA delivered to PLUSPETROL 5 Control Systems

MMA delivered to PLUSPETROL 5 Control Systems

The system is made of a pneumohydraulic control panel, a model E3 electronic controller, a gas filter and a solar kit. Is a self-supporting unity designed specifically for horizontal trees.

Controla 2 Válvulas de Seguridad Neumáticas VSS y 2 Válvulas de Seguridad Hidráulicas Integradas al VSSI. Permite el cierre y apertura remota de las 4 válvulas según lógica pre diseñada.

It controls 2 type VSS pneumatic safety valves and 2 hydraulic safety valves Integrated to the VSSI. It allows remote opening and closure according to predesigned logic.

SCADA communication by means of a RS485 port in the type E3 Electronic controller adds remote operation and allows real time well monitoring.

It also has USB interface to download data locally.

This product allows optimal well production control.

We thank PLUSPETROL for trusting in our new development.

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