Landing Base

Landing Base

Four different formats, according to the requirements of the client:
  • Loose recoverable
  • Loose consumable
  • Loose adjustable consumable
  • Welded consumable 


  • They unload part of the weight of the BOP stack and strings onto the conductor pipe or onto the bottom of the cellar. To this end, the conductor and/or the bottom of the cellar must be appropriately designed and constructed to withstand weight.

  • They help withstand vibration that would otherwise be transmitted to the surface casing, which is the weakest point on the stack.
  • In case the surface casing can be cemented with the casing head connected, time is saved by eliminating the setting time of the cement, as the whole weight of the casing, and later of the BOP stack, is withstood entirely by the Landing Base. In this case, the Landing Base is splited and can be retrieved.
  • The slip-lock heads can be supplied with an adjustable Landing Base that allows resting the casing head simultaneously on the conductor pipe and the bottom of the cellar, which eliminates the need to place supplements under the plate or do a top job.

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