New Technologies

New Technologies

At MMA we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop new technologies. Our approach to the market is to offer our customers versatile solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs and operational risk through the application of MMA technologies.

We have developments both for the wells that are in production and for those that are in the completion stage. Among these, we can mention the case of mSafe (production) and mLock (well completion). Two products that will have a significant impact on the industry, especially when we talk about Vaca Muerta.



The mSafe is a surface security system. It is the evolution of self-contained hydraulic controllers, which incorporates electronic assistance, which provides a greater range of versatility and benefits to the well safety package.

It allows operators to safely open and close a hydraulically actuated valve locally, remotely and automatically by high or low pressure line and/or wellhead (ESD).

It is used to provide safe operation in oil or gas wells, operates autonomously and ensures that the valve remains fully open without operator intervention. It is SIL2certified.

This safety system increases the efficiency of each well and improves its profitability, saving thousands of dollars in annual operating costs per location. A tool that allows resources to be optimized and directed where they are needed most.


Benefits of the system
  • Local, remote and automatic operation through SCADA.
  • Constant real-time monitoring of valve status (Open/Closed).
  • Autonomous Predictive Maintenance: The Partial Stroke Test (PST) functionality allows early failure detection and early repair scheduling, avoiding loss of production due to breakage.
  • Solar energy: Suitable for locations without electricity grid.


Datasheet mSafe



For the termination operation, we have mLock, a remote wellhead connection technology.

Based on similar products used in other regions of the world, MMA has a compact design and is unique in the market.

This accessory provides safety and efficiency in non-conventional well completion processes. This tool provides an average time reduction of up to 15 minutes per well at each fracture stage. That is, about 30 hours of savings in the total operation of a complete PAD, reducing the exposure of personnel to high-pressure operations, helping operators to increase worker safety.


Benefits of the system:
  • Reduction of downtime due to connection and disconnection in the wireline tool intervention process.
  • Safe operation: Thanks to the remote operation from the unclassified zone, the mLock fulfills the objective of preventing personnel from entering the classified zone, decreasing the risk and allowing the optimization of personnel in zones where it is required and the null risk.
  • Equipment Class 1 Division 1.
  • Capacity / equipment: Pads from 1 to 9 wells.
  • Safe failure system.


Datasheet mLock

We trust that the correct formula to innovate is to work together with our clients to achieve solutions that provide tangible benefits for both parties, always having as a premise prior to tackling a new challenge, ensure safety and operational efficiency..

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