Model CR-R1 Remote Connector

The CR-R1 is a conducting pipe connector used during the drilling stage on jack-up self-elevating type platforms where diverless release of the conductive pipe is required. The CR-R1 is launched jointly, a male part and a female part, the male remaining in the well after the drilling operation is over.

The FC1 Fast Connector is used for later reconnection.

  • Simple operation and reliable disconnect.
  • No independent mechanisms.
  • Available in 20” to 36”.
  • Reusable female thread.
  • Easy reconnection.

Fast Clamp FCL1

The FCL1 fast clamp is of the quick-connect type used in interface with the on-shore and off-shore wellheads. Its design takes into consideration flexuring loads, shear-stress resistance, and allows the clamp to be positioned according to needs.

Fast Connector FC1

The FC-1 fast connector, used on our subsea Christmas trees, is compatible with the male CR-R1, it is of the weight-set type for easy installation and able to withstand the most extreme load conditions in the subsea environment.

It only requires involvement of the diver or the ROV at the time of disconnection. It is also available with a hydraulic disconnection system.

Threaded Connectors

They are 2½-turn threaded quick-connects with double seal, pre-aligned threads and low torque, which ensure a connection not requiring mechanical tools. Available in 20" diameters and larger.

No-Cross Couplings

They are no-cross couplings with buttress threads as an alternative design to the API standard. They are pre-aligned at the top to provide a guide and ensure optimal connection.

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